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Sharing Food with Friends

(This article first appeared in the Canadian Jewish News, November 12, 2003.)

When I was in New York City recently, I made dinner plans with one of my Internet “pan-pals,” Dalia Carmel. We had “met through the Net” as members of a warm group of foodie-friends, called Rinaslist, who enjoy sharing recipes and friendship.

Dalia and I had spoken on the phone several times, but had never met in person. She insisted that I come to her apartment to relax after an exhausting day of work. Then we would have dinner at her favourite Turkish restaurant. I asked if I could bring along another foodie-friend.

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The Hadassah Jewish Holiday Cookbook: Traditional Recipes from Contemporary Kosher Kitchens

Shavuot – A Dairy Good Holiday!

Shavuot is a two-day festival that celebrates the giving of the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. Before the revelation at Mount Sinai, the Bible describes Shavuot as an agricultural festival, a feast of the summer wheat harvest, as well as a feast of the first fruits. This was the start of the agricultural cycle that ends with Sukkot, the final harvest of the year.

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The Passionate Vegetarian

Review by Norene Gilletz

Comforting Vegetarian Dishes

When I first saw Crescent Dragonwagon’s cookbook The Passionate Vegetarian, (Workman Publishing, $39.95 Cdn) I knew I had to own a copy!

Ten years in the making and more than 1,000 pages long, this bountiful book is beautifully written, packed with over 1,000 fabulous, meatless recipes that will intrigue you and tempt you, whether or not you are vegetarian. This is a cookbook that will make you want to stay home and cook! If you don’t cook, then take it to bed with you.


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