Purim begins at sundown Wednesday February 28th.

The symbolic foods of Purim are connected with Haman and Queen Esther. To avoid breaking Kosher dietary laws, Queen Esther lived in the palace on a vegetarian diet. Poppy seeds are symbolic of Queen Esther’s three day fast. When she broke her fast at night, she ate only seeds while she prayed to G-d to repeal Haman’s decree. Here are some of my favorite Purim treats:

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Panic Free Passover

This year, the 1st Passover Seder takes place on Friday, March 30, 2018.

Here are some of my healthy and delicious recipes that are sure to please the guests at your table. I’ve also included some helpful tips to make your Pesach preparations easier. Enjoy without guilt!

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Looking for ways to use up your Chametz before Passover?
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Memories…of the matzo balls we ate! My favorite ones are my Mom’s Matzo Balls!
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Passover Substitutions and Quick Recipe Ideas can be found here:
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