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Peace, Love, and Barbecue

Book Review by Norene Gilletz

Peace, Love, and Barbecue – A Unique Combination of Cookbook, Memoir and Travelogue

Peace, Love and Barbecue contains a unique collection of recipes, photographs, and behind-the-scenes stories from legendary pitmaster Mike Mills, the unrivalled king of barbecue. Mills shares his passion for America’s favorite cuisine – its intense smoky flavors, its lore and traditions, and its wild cast of characters.

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Grill Power

Book Review by Norene Gilletz

It’s the middle of winter, but people are grilling their food – indoors! Electric indoor tabletop grills are one of the fastest-selling small appliances on the market today.

Holly Rudin-Braschi, cooking teacher and certified health fitness/nutrition expert, has written Grill Power. This comprehensive, tip-packed guide is filled with a wealth of information on the use and care of all styles of electric grills. It features 50 healthy, easy-to-prepare menus and 125 recipes, plus nutritional analysis. This is not a Kosher cookbook, but most recipes can be adapted easily. It offers many vegetarian options, ingredient substitutions, variations, timesaving tips and serving suggestions. There’s lots more than just burgers or steaks!

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Kitchen for Kids

Kidding Around in the Kitchen

If you are looking for amazing recipes your children can really make then get them a copy of Kitchen for Kids by Jennifer Low (Whitecap). Low, a busy mother of two young children, is the food editor of House & Home magazine.


Kitchen for Kids contains more than 100 easy, yummy recipes that let children work safely in the kitchen (no sharp knives, no stove-top cooking). The instructions are detailed but not overwhelming. Every recipe has been successfully tested by kids aged four to 11, helping them discover the thrill of cooking from scratch.

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Low-Carb Meals in Minutes

Anyone trying to lose weight is confronted with all sorts of diet books offering advice on how to lose those unwanted pounds. Low-carb diets are all the rage, but are they safe and do they really work?

Linda Gassenheimer, the author of two best-selling low-carbohydrate cookbooks, offers up some delicious, sensible, safe solutions for effective weight-loss. Her first book, Low-Carb Meals in Minutes (Bay Books), zoomed to #1 at, with over 250,000 copies in print worldwide. She followed it up with a sequel, More Low-Carb Meals in Minutes (over 175,000 in print).

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The Low-Carb Barbecue Book

Book Review by Norene Gilletz


Few things can make our mouths water like the smell of wood smoke and food grilling in the open air. Besides the casual ambience and camaraderie of good friends and family, food somehow tastes better cooked on an open fire.

It should come as no surprise that many people think it is important to own an outdoor grill to use in case of emergencies such as a power outage (That’s me!) And some people I know have admitted to serving something that fell on the ground! (Not me!)

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