Carrots: How A-Peeling

Here’s an easy way to peel carrots, which I learned from a chef after I finished peeling 50 pounds of carrots in his kitchen! Holding the end in one hand, place the point of the carrot on a cutting surface. With a vegetable peeler, use long strokes, rotating the carrot until all the peel is removed; trim the ends. Get the point?

Carrots: Size Counts

Small-to-medium carrots are best. Although large carrots take less time to peel, they usually have tough, tasteless, woody cores and are less sweet. One lb (500 g) contains 6 medium carrots and yields about 3 cups.

Carrots: What’s in Store

Choose carrots that are firm and smooth, without cracks. Hairy white fibers are a sign of age. If carrots still have the greens attached, twist them off and discard as soon as possible or the carrots will spoil quickly.

Keep A-Breast of the Times

When making Chicken Marvelosa  use chicken breasts to lower the calorie, fat, and cholesterol content. Use 10 to 12 breasts; remove the skin either before or after cooking. Cooking time will be about an hour for chicken breasts on the bone. Boneless, skinless breasts will take about 35 to 45 minutes. Cook, covered, to prevent the chicken from drying out. One serving (without skin) contains 263 calories, 7.1 g fat (1.4 g saturated), and 73 mg cholesterol.