Say Cheese

Shavuoth commemorates the giving of the Torah to the Jewish people at Mount Sinai and is also the Festival of the First Fruits. The synagogue and home are decorated with flowers, plants and fruits. Dairy foods such as cheesecake and blintzes (which represent the shape of the Torah) are traditionally served.

Smaller individual cheesecakes baked in cupcake pans take less time to bake. You can also vary the fillings – e.g., chocolate, vanilla. Substitute different liqueurs (orange, coffee, hazelnut, almond) instead of vanilla. You can swirl melted semi-sweet chocolate into the batter. Fresh berries make terrific toppings. For praline cheesecakes, use brown sugar instead of white; garnish with pecan halves.

Try my Mini Cheesecakes – they are so versatile. They’re smooth and decadent tasting, yet low in fat. You can make them with Yogurt Cheese, which is fat-free and provides a wonderful creamy texture, or could also use sour cream. Enjoy!