Remove those Red Wine Stains

Enjoy your red wine without fretting over spills! This trick removes red wine stains, no matter how old, from clothes and tablecloths – regardless of material or colour. Just mix hydrogen peroxide with dishwashing liquid and pour on the stain to pre-soak before laundering.

Treat wine stains while they are still wet. Blot up as much as possible with an old towel, some paper towels, or even a disposable diaper. Pour some club soda on the stain, then blot it up immediately. If the stain is still there, cover it with a thick layer of salt and let it stand overnight. Vacuum up the salt in the morning.

There is a product called Red Wine Stain Remover which is non-toxic and does not contain bleach. It also removes coffee, tea and blood stains from carpets and clothing. It has been tested and endorsed by the Good Housekeeping Institute and Food & Wine Magazine. For information, call toll-free: 1-888-946-3292.