Preserved Lemons

Food From Friends, Vegetables & Side Dishes

Makes 1 quart

8 - 10 large lemons
Kosher salt

Wash and dry lemons thoroughly. Remove any green points attached to ends of lemons. Cut them in quarters almost all the way through, leaving them attached at one end. Enlarge the openings with your fingers and cram them full of kosher salt. Close lemons and place them in a clean, wide-mouth, quart-sized glass jar, pressing down hard on lemons as you go to draw out the juice. Don’t worry if juices don’t appear immediately; they will soon with all that salt.

Repeat with all the lemons, forcing them into the jar. The lemons should be totally submerged in their own juices. Top with an extra layer of kosher salt to ensure that no lemon skin is exposed.

Place the jar in a dark cool space (e.g., under the sink). Lemons will be ready in 2 weeks, at which point they should be refrigerated. To use, take out a quarter of a lemon at a time. Discard the pulp, rinse the skin thoroughly, and mince. Add to fish and chicken dishes, bean soups, salads and salsas.