All A-board the Magical Matzoh for a Memorable Meal!

Passover is just around the corner, bringing with it the annual challenge of what to prepare for the Seders and everyday Passover meals. The decision of what to serve each year is always a dilemma. I have several friends who are extremely organized. They keep copies of their menus in a special Passover file so they have a record of the dishes that their family and friends enjoy, along with comments like “Uncle Jack loves my sweet and sour meatballs, but cousin Sarah has decided to become a vegetarian!”

For a change, I thought it would be fun to have an imaginary Progressive Passover Dinner Tour. We will visit the kitchens of three Jewish cookbook authors who are my personal friends and finish the tour in my kitchen. Even though we live (and cook!) in different cities, we are all connected via our common culinary cord. Here is a sampling of some of our ‘tried and true’ recipes for you, my readers, to enjoy. So hop on “board” the Magical Matzoh for a delicious culinary tour! Start here, or select a recipe.

Pesach-Stuffed Turkey Breast

Meat and Leek Patties

Matzah Schalat

Limelight Roast Chicken