Holding Your Hand to Health

by Judy Creighton, Metroland (The Canadian Press), 10 January 2008,

Norene’s Healthy Kitchen, by Norene Gilletz (Whitecap Books, $34.95)

If your New Year’s resolutions include pursuing a healthier lifestyle where food is concerned, then Norene’s Healthy Kitchen could be the help you need.

The recipes have been written to “hold your hand” while you cook, says its author, Norene Gilletz, a Toronto cooking instructor and food consultant.

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Help for those New Year’s Resolutions

Orange County Register/Fullerton News Tribune, 10 January 2008

It’s resolution time again! According to USA.gov, the most popular New Year’s resolution is (drum roll please) lose weight! What a surprise.

If, like me, you make this same resolution every year, two new books may turn things around, and then maybe next year we can all resolve to reduce carbon emissions and promote world peace…

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