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The Diet Detective chose Norene as one of the world's top chefs to ask for tips on healthy eating.

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Fat Facts

Light Margarine

Rising dough

Healthier Grilling


Latke and Kugel tip

Giant Spatula Trick

Parchment Paper

Cooking with Chocolate

Tuna Salad

Sour Cream Tuna Quiche

Mike Mills' Secrets for Moist and Delicious Chicken and Turkey

Cheesy Tips from France

Here are some cheesy tips fresh from France:

To prevent cheese from drying, spread butter on it before storing.

Store cheese in an airtight container with a couple of sugar lumps. This helps to stabilise the humidity.

To preserve cheese for a month or so, wrap it in absorbent paper soaked in vinegar to prevent mould.

If the cheese has already become mouldy, cut off the mould with a knife soaked in vinegar.

Light Margarine

This makes a great pareve spread for matzos during Passover - it's lower in calories, fat and saturated fat. However, don't use it for baking.

1 cup soft pareve tub margarine
1/2 cup cold water

Process margarine in a food processor until smooth. Add cold water through the feed tube while the machine is running. Process 2 to 3 minutes, until light.

Fat Facts

* 1 lb margarine (454 to 500 grams/16 ounces) is equivalent to 2 cups (4 sticks)

* 1/2 lb margarine (227 to 250 grams/8 ounces) is equivalent to 1 cup (2 sticks).

* 1/4 lb margarine (115 to 125 grams/4 ounces) is equivalent to 1/2 cup (1 stick). 

* Oil can be substituted in many recipes and is a healthier choice because hard or stick margarines are high in saturated fat. 

* You can usually substitute vegetable oil for baking and olive or vegetable oil for cooking. There might be a difference in texture in baked goods, but oil produces a decent and pareve (dairy-free) product that is low in 
saturated fat. Safflower oil has a decent taste and is available for Passover use. 

Enjoy your red wine without fretting over spills! This trick removes red wine stains, no matter how old.

Sour Cream Tuna Quiche

This quiche recipe was in the original edition of my processor book, but was not included in The Food Processor Bible edition. (We had to delete some recipes to make room for 115 new ones!) 

Arlene Fisher of Birmingham , Alabama has The Food Processor Bible, so we have added the quiche recipe to our website for her and anyone else who wants the quiche recipe from the original book. Enjoy...Sour Cream Tuna Quiche

Tuna Salad tip from Elana Setton
For a delicious twist on standard tuna salad, add a generous 
tablespoon of curry powder....YUM! 

Rising dough tip from Goldie Libman
DO NOT - I repeat DO NOT - when proofing (rising) dough cover the dough with waxed paper. In my haste, I reached for the waxed paper instead of a bowl.  I placed the dough on the paper, covered the dough with the paper and put a kitchen towel over it, and I had a big blob of dough and waxed paper that wouldn't come off. The whole thing was a mess! Shana Tova!

Norene replies:
Thanks for your tip, Goldie! It proves that experience is the best teacher! Parchment paper would work because it doesn't stick at all. I usually put the yeast dough in a very large bowl, then cover the top of the bowl (not the top of the dough) with plastic wrap to prevent the dough from drying out. I stopped using a towel because I often don't bake my dough the same day. This works well for me. Sometimes I leave the dough on a well-floured countertop to rise, covering it with an inverted large glass bowl so I can see when the dough has risen enough.

Tips for Healthier Grilling
Outdoor grilling is very popular during warm weather. However, it's not always the healthiest way of eating. Typical barbecue fare usually features hot dogs, burgers, steaks and chicken, with less emphasis on vegetables and grains. Here are some of Norene's tips for healthier grilling.

Tips for Passover
How do you make Passover Icing Sugar? What do you do with leftovers? For the answers to these an other Passover cooking quandaries, visit Tips for Passover. And to simplify Passover cooking, read Chefs Select Passover Secrets. Chefs Select parchment paper is Kosher for Passover.

Latke and Kugel tip from Sandra Kashetsky

When making potato latkes, put a pinch of vitamin C powder into the potato mixture to keep it white. Good for potato kugel also.

Giant Spatula Trick from Norene:
The removable bottom of a 10" to 12" metal quiche pan can be
used as a giant spatula to transfer any cake from a baking sheet or
spring-form pan base to your serving plate. It is flexible so it can be gently inserted under the meringue, cheesecake or any torte layer to lift and transfer it. Works every time!

Further to Norene's spatula trick to remove cake (cheesecake) from spring-form: Before preparing mixture, remove bottom of spring-form and invert so that groove is facing down, and smooth part is facing upwards. When ready to put on plate it will slide off easily. From spicy sally 

Parchment Paper tips from Norene:
If you wet cooking parchment by dunking it in water, you can mold it around a casserole dish, bowl or dinner plate to become a cover. It doesn't blow off or fall off during micro-waving.

I also make a pouch by twisting the top of a parchment packet to close it after placing veggies, a chicken breast or a piece of fish on the parchment - no cleanup! Perfect for lazy me


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