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Norene's Healthy Kitchen by Norene GilletzWith generous dollops of whimsy, enthusiasm, and expertise, Norene Gilletz helps both the novice and experienced cook dive into a healthier lifestyle. With a variety of clear, creative recipe ideas, she makes healthy food fun while providing important health information and friendly kitchen advice. Readers will love cooking their way through this book! - Susie Fishbein, author, Kosher by Design cookbook series

This is a timely cookbook given the increasing awareness of the impact of diet on our health. Norene combines her renowned culinary skills with the latest food science (and a large dose of folksy common sense) to produce a wonderful cookbook packed with delicious, healthy recipes for the whole family.
Rick Gallop, author, The G.I.Diet series; former president, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario

Packed with fast and easy tips as well as full-length recipes for exciting yet easy to make foods, Norene’s Healthy Kitchen will inspire readers to add variety to their diets and help them to develop life-long healthy eating regimes!
Dana McCauley, food trend and cooking expert

Here in Norene’s Healthy Kitchen is everything you need to really get a grasp on the food you eat: from info about the glycemic index and instructions on how to use beans and grains to fabulous recipes, including appetizers, main courses, side dishes, and desserts. This all-in-one cookbook is easy-to-understand, offering real know-how. These are heart-healthy, weight-loss friendly, diabetes-helpful, delicious recipes using easy-to-find ingredients. You need this book on your kitchen counter!
Shirley O. Corriher, author, CookWise

Norene Gilletz knows that fad diets don’t work. Her new book provides healthy recipes that are fast, fun, and tasty. Norene’s Healthy Kitchen is a must for anyone adopting a lifestyle change for long-term health.
Ronald Goldenberg, MD, FRCPC, FACE, Endocrinologist, LMC Endocrinology Centres, Toronto, Canada

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Praise from Pan-Pals

I have all of Norene Gilletz’ cookbooks which over the years have became my kitchen bibles. Her new one, Norene’s Healthy Kitchen, is an excellent food guide which helps me to make better food choices which are nutritious, easy to prepare and so delicious.  I highly recommend this cookbook to everyone interested in living a healthier lifestyle.

Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie is so incredibly outstanding! We couldn’t get enough of it! I had to take the bowl off of the table and into the freezer or my daughter and I would have finished two pounds of ground turkey and four sweet potatoes. Many thanks once again for your recipes that are so tasty, healthy and easy to prepare.
Arna Cappe, a long time fan

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Healthy Helpings       

Healthy Helpings by Norene GilletzMealLeaniYumm! by Norene GilletzMealLeaniYumm! 

is out of print and has been replaced by Healthy Helpings. Different cover, different format, updated nutrient information, same delicious recipes!

... I need to say thank you for your wonderful recipes, notably "Healthy Helpings." I love to cook and bake, but am a bit obsessive about finding healthy yet tasty food for my kids. My daughter now lists her ingredients for her sand cakes "whole wheat flour....brown sugar....applesauce....flax seeds...." I find your recipes qualify both standards and are simple and easy for working mom with two kids to make regularly, so thanks.
Rachel Schildkraut

"... if you are a Weight Watcher, or know someone who is, it's great. It contains all the nutritional information and portion amounts, so you can easily figure out how many points the dish is worth. You MUST get this one!" Customer

"... I'm pleased to let you know that the Jewish diabetic with a Kosher palate can  feel confident in consuming very healthy and delicious recipes from MealLeaniYumm!, by cookbook author Norene Gilletz, one of Canada's national treasures."
 Marilyn Helton, Marilyn's Diabetic Review

"Ms. Gilletz cleverly combines both good health and superb taste. MealLeaniYumm! is an indispensable food guide for cooks of every level."
Ethel Hofman, Baltimore Jewish Times

"Meals for the lips, not the hips....the author’s fourth and best yet. It includes an appetizing collection of recipes for the big holidays of the Jewish calendar."
Julian Armstrong, Montreal Gazette

" excellent resource for cardiac patients, as well as anyone with weight and health concerns and wish(ing) to follow Kosher dietary guidelines. From Mushroom Barley Soup, New Wave Gefilte Fish, and Sweet & Sour Stuffed Peppers, to Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie, Pesto Pasta Salad, and Rozie’s Magical Carrot Muffins, MealLeaniYumm! offers up more than 800 delicious, nutritious, low-fat, Kosher recipes that will grace any table and please any palate."
Midwest Book Review

MealLeaniYumm! The latest offering by Gilletz, author of the best-selling Pleasures of your Food Processor (150,000 copies sold), will engage anyone craving low-fat yet satisfying dishes. The 800 recipes cover the gamut from traditional family fare (honey garlic meatballs) to dinner party dishes like Cajun chicken and rainbow rice pilaf. All low-fat flare."
Ilana Simon, Winnipeg Free Press

"... No doubt about it, MealLeaniYumm! is an energy-filled and positive low-fat cookbook. Gilletz could have also called it Oy, The Joy of Low-Fat Cooking."
Suzanne Bourret, Hamilton Spectator

"... it was the vast amount of nutritional and practical information I found in her book that I recommend. In the chapter called "Things You Want to Know," she’s with you all the way, from the moment you push your shopping cart through the door... She puts things in balance and helps you recognize all the things you need to know about cooking and eating healthier in a practical, yet easy and interesting manner. She won me over with the new "Cream Cheese Pastry."
Zell Schulman, The American Israelite

"... packed full of excellent ideas for the cook who keeps kosher and is interested in preparing low-fat meals. Unlike many kosher cookbooks, this is a real compendium of facts about ingredients and nutrition as well as a large collection of recipes from pre-soup to nuts. It is clear that Ms. Gilletz is a maven. She is also quite a wit; her book is filled with clever puns, which add to the enjoyment of the text. Like The Joy of Cooking, this book can be considered a reference tool... I recommend this book for all serious cooks."
Marion M. Stein, AJL Newsletter (Association of Jewish Librarians)

"The recipes tried were delicious and easy to make. The alternatives and substitutions for adjusting recipes for low-fat baking and nutritional analysis for each recipe would be helpful for patients who must try to reduce total fat intake to 20-30% of calories. I will certainly suggest MealLeaniYumm! as recommended reading to my patients (and their families)..."
Catherine Welborn, R.D., Cardiology Dietitian, North York General Hospital, Toronto

"I have already made several fabulous recipes from this book - you’ll love it, a great, all-purpose, healthy cookbook. Try:- Yogurt Banana Bread (delicious), Tuna & Black Bean Antipasto, Homemade Gravlaax, No-Fry Potato Latkas & Blueberry Streusel Coffee Cake."
Lisa Weinberg, RD, Toronto

"A dietitian’s dream come true! It has now become THE official textbook for my nutrition and cooking demonstrations for patients..."
Marilyn Rabin, P. Dt., Douglas Hospital, Montreal

"I’ve made Pumpernickel Bread (my five year-old daughter said, "Mommy, this is delicious! We should have it with dinner!" which happened to be BBQ Chickpea Casserole which was also gobbled up), Easy BBQ Tofu (even my husband had to admit the tofu was tasty!) ... It has been such a pleasure following your easy instructions and ending up with fabulous food every time. I also love your sense of humour!"
Nicole Rea, Kingston, Ont

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The Food Processor Bible       

The Food Processor Bible by Norene Gilletz " a culinary treasure. Norene Gilletz's expertise has been honed to fit easily into a 21st-century lifestyle so that the answers to every cook's questions are found within its covers. In my kitchen, it will be an indispensable reference and cookbook."
Ethel G. Hofman, Kosher food specialist, Past President, International Association of Culinary Professionals

"A book that inspires creative and everyday use of the food processor..." Mary Rodgers, Cuisinart

"This book provides an indispensable guide to the modern kitchen. No longer will it take hours of tedious prep time to create fabulous dishes. In addition to the time saved with your food processor, Norene always includes and tips and notes with each recipe, letting the reader know what recipes or steps can be done ahead of time and what can be frozen and reheated later. She also covers food safety information, microwave cooking options, dairy-free options, and health conscious and vegetarian options to many recipes. There are even 130 recipes suitable for Passover (Norene is the leading author of Kosher cookbooks in Canada)"Cheri Sicard from Playa del Rey, CA USA

"The Food Processor Bible tells you 10 times more valuable information on how to use your food processor to the fullest than any other instructional books I've found. Once you've read this book you'll be a pro and all of your kitchen chores will be quick and easy. I thought I knew a lot, but I learned so much. The recipes are a delight, and they work. My favorite recipes so far are the Sesame Cheese Straws which are marvelous and the Sticky Chicky which extremely tasty and showy. I really love this book." Betsy Oppenneer from Enfield, NH USA

"I don't cook without my food processor and now, I don't cook without The Food Processor Bible! This book is a must for food processor owners. Noreen Gilletz has taken the mystery out of using this versatile machine with comprehensive instructions on how to process every food imaginable plus delicious recipes that teach you the techniques as you cook. Whether you are a novice or expert cook, The Food Processor Bible is filled with such a wide variety of fast and easy "from scratch" recipes that you will be inspired to cook with your food processor every day." Holly Rudin-Braschi, author of Grill Power

"The ingredient list is printed in a different colour than the instruction part of the recipe. That's a good thing. This way you can see if you have the ingredients before you get started. To the left of the recipe, you will see how much it makes. Is it enough to feed all of us or should I double it? Yes, it says I can freeze it. Good thing. I have time today to make it and I will freeze it until I need it next week.

"The best part of the book, you guessed it, is the recipes. I've made about a dozen of them and I got rave reviews from my critics. Norene makes me look good in the kitchen. If you want to feel the same way, add the Processor Bible to your cookbook library." Bev Gordon from Thornhill, ON Canada

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Second Helpings Please       

Second Helpings, Please! by Norene Gilletz"In the Jewish community, there is probably not a household without a copy of Second Helpings, Please!"
The Suburban, Montreal

"Truly the most amazing cookbook you will ever use... The recipes do not call for expensive and difficult to find items. Best of all, the recipes are all wonderful and sure to become your favorite foods. A Kosher kitchen is not complete without this book." Customer

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