The New Food Processor Bible by Kosher cookbook author Norene Gilletz THE NEW FOOD PROCESSOR BIBLE
revised & updated

Norene Gilletz

Whitecap Books, $29.95, 2011 (11 January 2013)

You know those amazing recipes that people know off by heart that has just been passed down to you by mouth from your mother, sister, friend, neighbor and so on? And no one knows where it originates. I can bet you that it comes from The Food Processor Bible! 

Kosher Eye (11 May 2011)

The re-issuing and updating of a cookbook, in celebration of its thirty year anniversary, is a testament to both the original book and its author. Especially an author who stays current with culinary trends, listens to the requests and feedback of her readers, and is still very active in the industry. Such a person is Norene Gilletz...

The food processor at 40

Chicago Sun-Times (2 February 2011)
“When I bought my first food processor in 1975, I spent the first month making puree of dinner!” says Norene Gilletz, whose The New Food Processor Bible, 30th Anniversary Edition (Whitecap Books, $29.95) hits stands this week..."

My friend, my food processor

Chicago Sun-Times (1 February 2011)

I learned to cook with that device beside me and, often enough, Norene Gilletz's “The Pleasures of Your Food Processor” open on the counter next to it. ...

We're Cooking

Chicago Jewish Star (26 August - 8 September 2011)

The food processor, introduced to the North American market in 1973, is no longer new, but Canadian cookbook author, food consultant and cooking teacher Gilletz packs her book so full of useful information, helpful hints and chatty asides, together with excellent recipes, that it remains a valuable kitchen companion...

For a taste of history - and some more recipes! - Gila Wertheimer of The Chicago Jewish Star sent these reviews from their archives:

The New Food Processor Bible by Kosher cookbook author Norene Gilletz Their original review (September 5 1980) of the book that started it all - The Pleasures of your Processor (now out of print)
The New Food Processor Bible by Kosher cookbook author Norene Gilletz From April 2008, The Food Processor Revolution - how Norene Gilletz made a new gizmo an essential item in the kosher kitchen.


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